Be Healthier and Happier At Work

At Ghinger Healthcare, we understand that a healthy workforce is the backbone of any successful business. That’s why we offer a comprehensive medical package designed to sustain the well-being of your employees. With our tech-enabled solutions, your employees can access the best healthcare solutions; one that champions professionalism and expert efficiency.

Compassionate, Convenient & Complete Healthcare Solutions for Employers

Healthier and happier at work

By prioritizing employee health,companies can foster a positive work environment,leading to increased job satisfaction and overall well-being among empoyees

Don’t break the bank

Investing in employee health can result in reduced healthcare costs and decreased absenteeism, resulting in improved productivity and financial savings for the organization

Strive and Prosper

Providing accessible and convenient healthcare services to employees ensures they can receive timely and effective care, leading to quicker recovery and improved overall health outcomes.

Promote and protect productivity

By promoting employee health, organizations can safeguard productivity levels by preventing illness, reducing workplace injuries, and creating a supportive environment that enables employees to perform at their best.

Support mental health

Prioritizing mental health initiatives and offering resources for managing stress and burnout can help employees maintain optimal mental well-being, leading to increased job satisfaction and decreased absenteeism.

One door for all services:

Employees can conveniently access a comprehensive range of resources and support, enhancing their overall well-being and simplifying their healthcare journey.

Corporate Plans Available


10 GHS
Per Employee

*Pay for medications without interest after 30days


20 GHS
Per Employee

*Pay for medications without interest after 30days

How It Works: 3 Simple Steps

By choosing us, you raise the bar for your employees by giving them access to the best care professionals and institutions in the country.

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